[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – You Crave Self Destructive Blackmail, Goon, Hit Send And Feel The Rush [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, k2s.cc, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]

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[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – You Crave Self Destructive Blackmail, Goon, Hit Send And Feel The Rush [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, k2s.cc, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]




Goddess Mina Thorne

You need to lose control to me but you’re scared. You don’t know how. You need to stop fighting, you’ve wanted this for so long. To be under my thumb. To feel even more vulnerable and powerless. And you’ve been overthinking everything. There’s one thing you can do and your fate will be sealed. You will have no choice but to give in to me. One little action and I can help you realize your submissive dreams and fantasies. I can move you from that fantasy realm straight into reality. All it takes is one email, just one. Just a little bit of information and you’ll be under my control forever.

What you haven’t realized is that you need blackmail. You need it to help you take that first step and I guarantee once you dive in, you’ll never want to go back. Once you finally experience what you’ve been fantasizing about for so long, you’ll regret not doing this sooner. But I know you tend to over think things, so I’m going to help you stop that. So start stroking. It’s always amazing that as soon as your hand starts working up and down your cock, you lose the ability to think straight. All rational thought goes out the window. And you give in to some of those impulses that otherwise you might avoid. But when you’re stroking and horny and you become stupid for me, you don’t think about it, you just do, you just act.

So get that dick really hard. I know you love stroking to me, it’s why you’ve been thinking about becoming my blackmail slave for so long. I know you’re ready to take this step and deep down you know you’re ready. You just need a little push off the edge. And this is what’s going to do it for you. Knowing that I have information on you, that I could expose you, I could make all of your family and friends look at you in a different way. It scares you but it’s also turning you on, look how hard you are.

I know the male mind very well and it’s that risk, that threat of exposure that makes this exciting because you do want to be blackmailed. You want me to hold that information over your head, you do want me to take choice completely away from you. So in reality I’m just giving you what you want. Now stroke and open up and email and type, tell me about yourself, tell me about all those dirty little things you want to do. Add some email addresses and phone numbers of friends, bosses, coworkers. And feel free to add some humiliating photos. The more the better. You need this, I’m doing this for for you. Because only when you are completely under my control will you be free of these restraints. Only then will you be completely free of your fears and only then can you dive in to what you truly want.

Now stroke and make that email out to me. (Email given in clip.) Good boy, don’t think about what you’re about to do, don’t think about what’s going to happen when you hit send. Just think about the good things, about how you’re finally going to feel what it’s like to truly belong to me. How you’re finally going to experience true vulnerability and hopelessness. Having control completely stripped away from you. You’ve wanted this and now you’re about to expereince it. I know what you want more than you do and you want to be blackmailed.

You’ll see that once you take that plunge you’re going to feel so much better. You want to be my blackmail slave. Now when I count down, you’re going to hit send. And once you hit send you’re going to be rewarded with one of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had. Send it and then cum. Good boy. Are you scared or turned on? And now you have one more step. Now that I have your information, you need to pay me not to expose you. I know you wouldn’t want anyone else to find out all of those nasty things that you just told me. You need to keep me happy and the only way you can make me happy is by being me. Pay me or be completely ruined.

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