Faceslapping has always been the main method of "struggle" among women - this is how they expressed their resentment, resentment, anger, contempt and other negative emotions. Today, BDSM face slapping is also a way to get more vivid sexual pleasure, knowing full well that the absence of resistance from the bottom is an indisputable sign that he is ready to obey completely and completely, and you are in full control of him. And men, even if they are not ready to admit it out loud in public, also like it - many of those in power want to relax in their free time from work and, finally, not decide anything, but simply obey orders. Of course, faceslapping videos are not in demand because they hit someone in the face - since the characters do it in order to release sexual energy, the viewer pursues the same goal and wants to see the continuation in the form of sex in one form or another. This usually ends, but the mistress, naturally, does not turn into a domestic cat - instead, she painfully spanks the subordinate, scratches his body, roughly sits on his face, completely blocking the air, or gives herself to her lover in front of her cuckold husband, to whom nothing shines.