Spitting is always and in almost all cultures considered a way of humiliation and expression of contempt - this is done with an empty space, the opinion of which should not be reckoned with. In a pair in which a woman plays the role of a pronounced domina, and a man is the maximum of her things, spitting can be a great way to dilute a BDSM game, complementing other practices. In particular, many Spitting videos actively exploit the theme of a woman enjoying the servile behavior of a partner - he is forced to lick the feet of a domina, and it’s good if naked, and not in the form of dirty sneakers. Anyone who is at least theoretically capable of resisting, it is better to immediately tie up - then his helplessness will be emphasized even more, and you can use it as soon as it gets into your head. And although both partners experience a real explosion of emotions and sexual arousal from what is happening, it may never come to full-fledged Spitting porn. Often, the maximum that the upper one agrees to is to dress up in beautiful underwear, and then bare the crotch and tease the lower one, masturbating the pussy in front of his eyes and moaning loudly, but never letting the male do what he is programmed to do.