Sweet boys are not only bullied by men - women also sometimes want to take advantage of them the way the representatives of the stronger sex do in relation to cute defenseless girls. Sissy Training is a BDSM practice, which means that a partner who is not devoid of feminine features has fallen into the hands of an overbearing mistress, and if even deprived, they will be given them to the proper degree. In such a pair, the slave will have to wear women's clothing or even paint, not to mention taking a strap-on in one of the holes. Of course, Sissy Training porn is almost never without elements from other areas of BDSM. Taking advantage of the fact that a man in this situation is completely powerless, the ladies take revenge for all offended girls as much as they can - with slaps, and tight bondage, and ballbusting, and cuckolding. At the same time, it is better for the subordinate not to argue or resist, otherwise it will only get worse. Ladies can train a sissy boy together, but what exactly does not shine for him is sex, in which he, if not dominated, then at least was an equal participant. However, many people get high from this - one must at least sometimes take off the mask of the omnipotent and just go with the flow.