Being a thing for someone is not always just a figure of speech when it comes to BDSM. Face and body sitting, smothering suggests that the domina can use her partner as a chair - sit directly on him while he is on all fours or portrays a "bridge". In most cases, of course, they still sit down not on the body, but on the face, forcing the man to burrow into the female crotch so tightly that it was even hard for him to breathe. However, lesbian face and body sitting, smothering also occurs - this is actively practiced by supporters of same-sex love who want to add a spark to their relationship. In meaning, this is a bit like the practice of strangulation with scissors, however, the fit on the face is much closer to cunnilingus - if only because the mistress exposes the crotch, and she does not squeeze her legs. At this time, the slave can try to caress the upper tongue in the hope of mercy - for this she may get off the subordinate and allow him to bury himself in the already familiar place, but now independently regulating the force of pressing. After watching face and body sitting, smothering, many men catch themselves thinking that they would gladly be in the role of a sub.