The Smoking process, at first glance, seems completely unrelated to sex, and even more so to BDSM, but inventive dominos have learned to torture slaves even with the help of cigarettes smoked by women themselves. At a minimum, concentrated cigarette smoke makes even an experienced smoker cough - if a subordinate does not smoke, and two mistresses at once smoke right above him and exhale smoke in his face, this will become real suffering for him. Thick bitter saliva can be spit into the mouth of the ward, but he has no right to object or turn away, and must obediently swallow everything. However, in Smoking porn, even this is not the limit - a naughty slave can easily be cauterized with a lit cigarette if he does not cope with his duties or openly protests against what is being done to him. And on the contrary, all this torture and torment, which can be supplemented by elements of other BDSM practices, for him can be a kind of prelude to full-fledged porno - just access to the intimate parts of the mistress, even in the form of strangulation with scissors, still needs to be earned. The feeling of helplessness drives many slaves into a kind of trance, for the sake of which they themselves gladly agree to such torments.