At one time, even ordinary cunnilingus was considered a forbidden practice, and even today many men consider it beneath their dignity to lick a lady's pussy dripping with juice. Well, they do not want to do it in an amicable way - let it be bad, harsh and with elements of suffocation, and access to the labia and clitoris will not be provided at the same time - this is the practice of choking / scissors. All that is required is to clamp the subordinate partner between the legs in such a way that he is firmly buried in the crotch, and from this he could not even breathe properly, and it is not necessary to completely undress. For the BDSM environment, choking / scissors is still a relatively rare practice, but the more interesting it looks in a thematic video. Ladies are usually used as slaves of men, but lesbian choking / scissors look no less attractive - in this case, the domina seems especially ruthless and rude, and this is what the main emphasis is in sexual domination. And although it is not easy to decide on the first such experience, the beautiful choking / scissors video online will allow the viewer to have a good time and understand that this is exactly what he would like to repeat in real life.