Many men sincerely would like to be in the power of a self-confident domina, but most are afraid to admit it even to themselves. All that remains for them before they have the courage is to watch porno from a third person, where the mistress humiliates some outsider slave. The disadvantage of such videos is that they can be difficult to imagine yourself in the place of the lower one, therefore, BDSM POV - video, shot in the gonzo genre, directly from the first person, will be much more interesting for an inexperienced viewer. At the first time, this, of course, will seem strange, because nothing but a lady is visible in the frame. If she hits with a whip, then she hits somewhere as if to the side from the camera, and it is not even visible whether she hit it or not - only the voice reaction of the operator and also the subordinate is heard. But just imagine what it would be like to watch POV porn in some kind of virtual reality glasses, when the technique and manner of shooting create a full-fledged effect of presence for the viewer! Unfortunately, you will not feel pain and smell, but in all other respects this dream will be so realistic that it will allow you to answer the question once and for all whether you are ready to become a full-fledged participant in the Topic.