Worshiping female feet has always been associated with elements of BDSM - if only because the adorer was ready to caress and lick them with his tongue, even regardless of whether they are clean or not. Trampling is a logical development of foot fetish, showing more signs of domination, because in this case, a woman (or even two) trample on a man's body. The lady in such a relationship can act both softly, after removing her shoes, and deliberately hard - putting on heels. The same gradation is available when choosing a “location for walking” - you can only “walk” on the body, but in a hard Trampling video they will definitely show how a domina tramples on a partner's face and even genitals. Probably, it is difficult to call it a full-fledged porno - the genitals are displayed, but there is usually no sex in the literal sense of the word in videos. But there may be other elements of BDSM, when Trampling porn is accompanied by spitting and slapping, and even ballbusting or pissing. If you are really scared for men, being in such a difficult situation, do not worry - they all agreed to the execution voluntarily, and they experience a real storm of positive emotions from it.