Many people hate senseless cruelty, but almost everyone agrees that any wrongdoing should be punished. And although Whipping, Caning and Corporal Punishment are slowly disappearing from the list of generally recognized punishments, for BDSM they will remain a popular and demanded practice for a long time, since they fully correspond to the goals and objectives of such a practice: they allow a woman to feel confident and powerful, while a man - finally something, relax and surrender to the will of a stronger personality. The degree of punishment strongly depends on the scale of the offense, therefore, whipping, Caning and Corporal Punishment videos can be hit with a palm, a stack, or a whip. If the point is that you need to ask for forgiveness, you cannot get around without foot fetish practices. Guilt, causing the anger of domina, can complement the execution with slaps, and especially grave crimes will become the reason even for anal punishment with a strap-on. However, you probably guess that some men deliberately violate the rules established by the mistress in order to deserve a little of her attention.