Hot wax is an ideal substance for use in BDSM: as a rule, it is not capable of causing serious burns, but at the same time its high temperature is well felt by the body and can cause tangible pain in the first seconds of touch. In addition, the effects of Wax Play are quite difficult to peel off the surface of the male body, which is densely covered with vegetation. The fact that the slave is blindfolded can give a special piquancy to the process - then he experiences a real storm of emotions, not being able to see what awaits him literally in a second. In Wax Play videos, drops of wax are most often shown on the torso, however, depraved dominos often pour them even a partner's dick. Given that this practice focuses primarily on pain rather than humiliation, nipple play and bandage are great additions to this session. At the same time, real porno, most likely, will not happen - both parties should enjoy, first of all, from the pain that they cause and experience. Due to the subtle play of flickering light, the session will inevitably be associated with some mystical practices in the spirit of ancient shamans, therefore, it will completely clear the mind of extraneous thoughts.