For centuries, it was men who dominated their partners - they had their bodies as they wanted, spanked on the ass, tore any holes with thick members and poked them directly into the tonsils, provoking a gag reflex. However, times have changed, and now every woman can become a dominatrix to take revenge and feel the real pleasure of the practice known as ballbusting / CBT. Despite the fact that in BDSM it is customary to negotiate the degree of torture inflicted and not go over the edge of what is permissible, in ballbusting / CBT video no one usually regrets men - they are beaten on the testicles and penis, metal sticks are pushed into the urethra, and the penis is stretched using hooks. Not everyone can endure such an attitude, but for BDSM ballbusting / CBT is one of the key practices, so here you need to enjoy the very fact of the pain you are experiencing. It is naive to expect that light spanking will not interfere with the classic male orgasm - they will still slow down this process, unless the slave experiences the deepest satisfaction from his humiliated and defenseless position. And even if you yourself are not yet ready to become a participant in such an action, in any case ballbusting / CBT porn will allow you to have a pleasant evening.