Humiliation POV (2023) new video – Blackmail-Fantasy Pixie Succubus Demon Drains Your Information. Starring Marisol Price

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Marisol Price What does it mean that you have second thoughts? Do you not think that’s a bit late? You already gave me your information. Sorry, but I do not give back information that has been given to you. Do you remember that I have some sort of code? When I work with fantasy-blackmail boys, I always ask them if they have any second thoughts. You remember that I asked, are you sure you wanted to give me your personal information and did you want sign my fantasy-blackmail contract? You said: “Yes, Mistress, let me sign that.” You don’t remember? You don’t. You might have been under a spell to get you to say yes. You may have been the victim of my special pixie trick. You may not even notice me lol. You might be distracted by my tits, and just agree to everything I say. Maybe you just really want it. You did give me your entire information, didn’t? There’s no turning back lol. This is part of Mistress Pixie Marisol’s contract. It’s mine. It’s mine to do with as I please. I use it for strength. I use your power, your energy and information to become stronger. It’s almost like giving up your own soul. Your credit card and every number gives me even more power. While you watch me tease on your screen, give it a try. Try to get it back. You can try to get all your power back. Now it’s mine. You can try and escape but you’ll just keep falling deeper into my fantasy-blackmail hole. Every time you attempt to get back your information or change your credit card numbers, I know that you will fail. I know. You want it. You want it. I took all of it from you. I took it all from you. I have all your power, energy, information and everything else you own. You can’t. It’s exciting to watch a boy struggle to retrieve all that information. That little flicker in your eye is thrilling, isn’t it? It’s so exciting, you can’t resist jerking and saying, “Yes, Mistress, I will give it to You.” You’re not going back to get it, are you? No, Mistress. I wouldn’t. Sorry. You’re right. Give me more. Now give me more. You’ll give me more, right? I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you in control, Mistress. ‘All of it. Do you really promise? You better say ‘Yes, Mistress’ the next time you speak. Because I want it. You know who is supposed to own it. Why don’t you sign this contract? What if I sign it, then let you put it on, then send me a photo of you totally drained? I’ll then add you to my list of boys I have sucked all the power out of. Do you want to be part of it? You’re right! When I reach one, you will know you are mine. I’m gonna take all of your power lol! It’s too late to turn back. It’s in the contract. Prepare to send me an image. Show me your powerlessness, how fantasy-blackmailed you are. Three, two, one… Come for me! You don’t even know who I am. Send me the picture! Click Here To Visit Marisol’s Clips4Sale Shop