Humiliation POV (2023) Mind Fuck – Ruined By A Cute Girl On The Internet – Blackmail-Fantasyd

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Humiliation POV 2023 Mind Fuck - Ruined By A Cute Girl On The Internet - Blackmail-Fantasyd. Starring  00000

Humiliation POV 2023 Mind Fuck - Ruined By A Cute Girl On The Internet - Blackmail-Fantasyd. Starring  00001

Humiliation POV 2023 Mind Fuck - Ruined By A Cute Girl On The Internet - Blackmail-Fantasyd. Starring  00002

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HumiliationPOV is proud to introduce our newest brat Skylar Locke. She’s fucking fabulous! You will be ruined by her sweet voice. This clip is hot. You’ll be hooked. You’ll be hooked. You’ve decided to join my blackmail fantasy program. I am so happy! I thought we’d start with something like our first video chat. You remember the first video chat we had, where I whispered sweet little things in your ear while you shuddered through the screen? Every second I realized that you were easy to play around with. By play, I mean ruin lol! Back to our video call… When I talked about certain details of your life, you seemed to get really excited. You wanted to share more information. You were willing to give me more information the more I asked questions. Each piece of information you revealed made you even more excited. Are you a fan of blackmail fantasy? Let me tell you something, I am also into it. You must have signed up for the program because of that, right? Since you are getting a kick out of it, I’m sure I could get you to do anything. It’s funny to imagine, a little power game, a cute bratty girl getting your information about strong men on the internet. Who would have thought it? You must have thought it was funny. How long will it take? Another video chat? Do I already know you? It’s funny, I thought you would have a harder time getting all that information from me. It’s almost as if you wanted to give it to me. It’s fun to watch you pretend struggle. ‘Oh Skyler, please don’t …’ lol! It’s really cute. What else could I make you do? Could I fantasy-blackmail you into running all my errands for me? You’re probably already excited by my little introduction video. Do you have your dick in your hand? You want to beat yourself with every beat of my voice. Imagine a few months into our fantasy-blackmail relationship. Imagine that one day you wake up to find out that I have all your passwords. You have no idea what I can do to you. You don’t even know me. You don’t Know What I Am Capable Of. I’m just a girl on the Internet. You’re probably sitting there with a dick in hand, pumping harder and harder, thinking about all the things that I could do because you’re stuck lol. You know, I have been waiting for you to be a fantasy-blackmail boy, who is so willing and willing to spill his information. What could I get from you? Can I have all your banking information? Can I get your complete credit history? I’m sure I could. I bet you’re even more excited about it if I talk about it more. You could do it for me. Remember to be nice and slow. If you don’t, you will no longer be my fantasy boy. You don’t really want to be blackmailed, do you? You’ll never realize how much I can ruin you. You may think I’m cute, but that’s not the case. You’ll wonder what I’ll say or do every day. What will I do? Will I call you or your girlfriend, your boss? The craziest part is that you dick gets harder and stronger lol. You beg to stop, but I know you’re just trying to get me to do that. You want me ruin you. You want me expose you. You feel great. I know that you are still stroking. Keep going, boy. Keep going boy. I know that I can control your cock. Beg me to ruin it by jerking your cock and begging me: “Please Skylar.” You know I’ll do it. Click Here to Visit Skylar’s Store