They say that you cannot beat women, but sometimes the ladies themselves get into a fight, and then you have to fight with them one way or another. By the way, the prelude to sex itself can acquire signs of a struggle, and some couples, knowing this and wanting to diversify it, start sex already on mats - only naked, unlike professional athletes. Wrestling porn is just the genre that shows what came out of it. And it usually turns out the following: whoever loses - he fulfills the wishes of the winner, even if this requires rimming. At the same time, BDSM Wrestling may not look like a game - a woman can easily apply suffocating techniques, tightly holding the man's head between her thighs. Even if she is wearing shorts, such a dominatrix may deliberately use techniques, as a result of which the opponent is tightly pressed to the crotch or ass. No matter how events unfold in a duel, in the end the excitement usually goes off scale on both sides, especially if no one is badly hurt. Therefore, Wrestling almost always flows into full-fledged porno - with classic penetration, cunnilingus, blowjob and logical ending for both women and men.