Role Play is not necessarily directly related to BDSM - on the contrary, in most cases they are limited only to dressing up, and, possibly, entourage. However, our site is dedicated to the specific topic of female domination, because here Role Play porn is not of any kind, but only the one in which a woman tries on the role of an imperious, self-confident lady, who, if already having sex, then always only at her discretion , with necessarily pronounced dominance over the partner and only according to their own scenario. There can be a lot of examples of such scenarios, and the most obvious one is, of course, the mistress that everyone wants to madness, although in the end she will never give it to anyone. She enjoys how men are tormented, and she can torture them in different ways - and the sight of a caressing pussy, for an attempt to touch which with any part of the body whip blows shine, and foot domination, and ballbusting, and cuckolding, and many other practices ... Will the subordinate at the end receive at least approximately the reward he hoped for? Not at all a fact - porno in the original sense of the word may never come to him.