Anna Myst – Spanking, Whipping, Caning

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After attempting to teach my slave basic math and having him fail repeatedly, I decide that he`s so stupid his only lot in life will be whoring. Wearing a big strap-on cock I make him get on his knees and suck it while I unleash a barrage of insults at him. “Yes, choke on it,” I say as he takes it deep in his throat and gags. I face-fuck him with my strap-on and make sure he does a good job since this will be his new career. Feeling especially evil, I make him turn around and break the news to him that he`ll be taking my strap-on in his tight, virginal asshole. He pleads with me not to use it on him but, as always, his pleads fall on deaf ears. Once I have my mind set on doing something… I do it! I have him bend over a chair and spread his legs while I bind his hands behind his head so he can`t try to escape. I lube up his tight asshole and losen it with a finger before finally sliding my big, strap-on cock inside of him. He groans in discomfort and the more painful it is for him the more I enjoy fucking him!

File Name : Anna Myst – Spanking, Whipping, Caning
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Anna Myst - Spanking, Whipping, Caning


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