Mistress Anna Elite – Creature Fucked

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“Are you ready for a creature fucking?”
I have an array of strap-on cocks to use on my fuck toy today, each featuring different elements and shapes such as scales, ribbed, and my favourite; the tentacle. I will be making good use of my slave’s hole, ensuring that each dildo is thoroughly tested for my maximum pleasure. I instruct my slave to bend over the chair and present his tight asshole to me whilst encouraging him to look between his legs to view my strap-on creature cock, girthy and green with scales. It is going to stretch him wide…
I prepare the large cock on my harness, and then ready my slave’s hole; stretching it with my gloved up, latex clad fingers first and applying lots of lube to ensure a wet and slippery fucking. I line up the dildo with my slave’s asshole, and tell him to back onto it. It slips in easily, I remind him to breathe and relax to allow my cock to work itself deep into his fuck hole. He moans as I slowly thrust my hips and my huge cock overwhelms his hole. He struggles to comprehend the fullness he is experiencing, moaning with every motion. I continue fucking him, slamming the cock deeply into him. I tell him to back onto it and ride it, in order to show me how much he wants it. Despite his protests I continue to relentlessly thrust into his now gaping hole…
Once satisfied that my fuck toy can take a large width, I want him to experience the unusual sensations of the tentacle cock. I will be fucking him twice as hard and twice as deep until I am fully satisfied that he has taken as much from me as he possibly can. I remind him that he will take this relentless fucking, and that he has no choice. He is just a fuck toy, after all. As I ready the tentacle, silky wet lube drips from the tip. My slave’s hole is perfectly gaped from the first thick cock, so the tentacle slips easily inside.
Once deep inside, I insist that my fuck toy looks back at me, I want to see the pain and discomfort in his eyes as I fuck him harder and faster. Now that his hole is completely destroyed and stretched, I am satisfied.


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