Under Goddess Amihra – SMOTHERBENCH- Gassed & Suffocated

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Under Goddess Amihra – SMOTHERBENCH- Gassed & Suffocated




–Taking delivery of our all new smotherbench. We had just gotten back to our room from Red Lobster, feeling very bloated and with nothing else to do. I decided to try out our new little cynical piece of furniture, he likes to get full and fall asleep, but I think swallowing mouthfulls of my bloated gas and suffocating sounds better on him don’t you think?? With built in restraints for his wrists and legs. The ability to strap his body to the bench, adjustable headclamps to completely destroy any chance of tilting your head to breath.. escape is absolutely HOPELESS. Combine that with the inflatable pillow under his head to wedge it up and out of the box and deep into my ass and its lights out if I choose;) I tease him in my little Aeropostale pajama shorts, letting hims sniff the farts from my ass, lightly smothering him inbetween. Stripping down to my panties, and eventually fully nude to completely start his smother session. I order him to open his mouth, and sit my asshole directly over his mouth.. “SWALLOW IT”.. Like a good boy he obeys.. thats the last thing he wants to do is piss me off and disobey me before I start to really smother him.. I try forward and reverse.. and switch back and forth, pulling on the bench to force my weight even further on his face when he starts to struggle (even though its pointless) Just to increase his panic, he thinks I’m about to get up.. but then he just feels his face get wedged into my ass even farther.. I love it when he starts to panic, I always know.. His nose and mouth start sucking against my ass and pussy.. hoping to find some source of air.. but only finding more ass. Sometimes even sucking a fart out.. but thats not exactly the air he wants LOL. It must be awful.. struggling in panic for air, unable to breathe while having someones fart trapped in your mouth.. Haha sucks to be him!! All I have to do is sit here.. theres no struggling.. being fought.. I just sit.. and he smothers.. maybe I’ll just read a book or watch TV sometime and forget he’s under there.. see how long he can go.. once he stops struggling that means he finally knocked out right?! I’ll have to test that theory. After about 20 minutes of absolute smother.. I decide to allow my slave to get himself off, but I’m tired and I want to go to sleep so.. Under one condition.. I’m going to sit one time and one time only, you will keep your mouth open and over my ass with your nose in my pussy so I can drain the final few farts I have left while you suffocate. And I’m not getting up until I see that you’ve came.., either cum with your nose crammed in my pussy and your mouth full of my farts, or it’s KNOCK OUT!! Seeing as you’re already exhausted.. I say youve got about a minute and a half tops.. Now open that mouth for me..———————————————————————————————————————————————As we did this for about 3 hours considering camera overheats and small breaks.. the clip came to about 36 minutes. This is definitely a new TOP favorite of mine. A MUST have for fart fetishists and smother enthusiasts. This bench will definitely be making reappearances. I can smother him as long as I’d like.. and do whatever I’d like.. including clamping his mouth open and putting whatever I want inside:) I’ve got a few plans in mind..

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