TheBondageMistressClub – She’s Got Nails. Starring Nurse Red

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TheBondageMistressClub – She’s Got Nails. Starring Nurse Red




Nurse Red has been good enough to join me in the Hanwell medical clinic to bring her own unique medical skills to my already-comprehensive range of treatments I’m using on this hapless slave. Mistress Red is an expert in the use of her long nails to torment both nipples and balls and that’s just the extra pain I need to complement the electric cock bands and the breath control which are already working to effect the cure he needs. While my colleague concentrates on squeezing his testicles to the point of discomfort, I need to prepare some bigger and bigger electric butt plugs and some body pads that will make him feel he is being well and truly arse-fucked to oblivion.

Unable to see a thing, my slave is suffering from the electrics and from being suffocated by various Lady bits that he never even gets the chance to see! How frustrating. but Nurse Red and I have hardly even started yet. I’m fascinated to see how my nurse colleague uses her pussy lips to wrap across the slave’s breathing holes and ensure that he only breathes when she decides he should do so. She can easily reach the chain linking his nipples clamps when she feels that he is getting too much pleasure from breathing her pussy scent while being wanked by my milker machine. Time for me to up the size of his butt plug, I think. This medical clinic treatment depends upon overwhelming all of his sexual senses at once.

Nurse Red really knows how to make our patients suffer. To counteract the pleasure of the milking machine, she restricts his breathing with her fishnet-clad, fragrant pussy and uses her feet to put pressure on his clamped nipples. I’ve changed his butt-plug for a larger size and now we can add some electro-stim to increase the nipple torture once again. Once my colleague’s nails start digging into his balls, we can consider leaving him for a couple of hours of frustrating, mechanical wanking while we discuss his next treatment options.

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