THE MEAN GIRLS – Wrecking Balls. Starring Princess Carmela and Princess Bella

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Wrecking Balls. Starring Princess Carmela and Princess Bella




Princess Carmela and Princess Bella have come up with a super fun new game called “wrecking balls”. The game starts with the slave shackled to a board so he is forced to stand spread eagle style. A heavy weighted ball is hanging from a string and positioned at just the right height to allow the girls to swing it toward the helpless slave’s balls. If they correctly aim the swinging weight they can score a direct hit right into the slave’s balls. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela decide to make it a contest and see which one of them has the better aim and can hit the slave in the balls the most. Princess Carmela goes first and scores a direct hit on her very first try! Princess Bella misses on her first attempt but unfortunately for the slave any time one of the Princesses misses they just take a do over until they score a direct hit!

I really loved this clip! It never ceases to amaze me the creative ways The Mean Girls have of hurting slave’s balls. I love how they just grab a slave and apologetically decide to hurt his balls just for the fun of it. I love how Princess Bella and Princess Carmela throw their heads back in laughter every time they score a direct hit. I would be terrified to see that wrecking ball swinging right towards my balls and unable to close my legs or do anything to prevent it from happening. That’s not some tennis ball or lightweight ball either it’s a heavy metal ball that you can tell weighs at least several pounds. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “10”.



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