THE MEAN GIRLS – Whipping The Alpha Out Of You. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Whipping The Alpha Out Of You. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Carmela




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So this slave came to the Manor to serve us but is not taking well to his training and still has a very macho attitude. We find it hard to believe he actually wants to be a slave here, but he says he does, so its our job to beat him into complete submission. Goddess Harley and I are going to break him of his stupid “alpha arrogance” that so many of you seem to suffer from and make him into the woman-serving bitch he needs to be in order to survive around here. Every time he does something “alpha” – even in the slightest – we are going to whip the FUCK out of him. And believe it or not, in less than two minutes this loser is totally broken and literally begging us to stop- but we are just getting started! 🙂 Breaking him is only one item on our agenda today.

We also want to punish him for his male arrogance and defiant attitude by whipping him far beyond his limits. (And to make a great-selling clip to rocket up into the Top 50 list for us! LOL) So the whipping continues and he eventually does something that we are sure he hasnt done since he was a – hecries like a little bitch! And just to rub it in a little more we make him kiss our feet and pledge himself to our service and admit out loud that he will never think of himself as being a man again

True story- this slave bragged before coming to the Manor via email about how tough he was, how much pain he can take, how we would never be able to break him blah blah blahand his ass was literally begging for mercy at our feet within MINUTES LOL. There is no acting here. This slave really is macho in real life and was totally broken for real like only halfway through the clip and was BEGGING us off camera to stop beating and filming him. So we made a deal with him- we would stop beating him and end the clip ONLY if he groveled at our feet, begged for mercy, and openly stated that he wasnt a man. And after a few more whipcracks he totally did. Anybody else want an attitude adjustment?
Princess Carmela

EDITING SLAVES NOTE: Clip includes bonus footage at end of Princess Carmela and Goddess Harley laughing and showing off the damage they did to the slave, taking pictures of it, etc. They also issue a challenge directly to viewers.



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