THE MEAN GIRLS – Higher Voltage Ballshocker. Starring GODDESS HARLEY

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Higher Voltage Ballshocker. Starring GODDESS HARLEY




Ok, so we have found that the old ballshocker just wasn’t strong enough to suit our tastes anymore. To be honest, sometimes it worked (and totally shocked the slaves nuts) and sometimes we found out it wasn’t! It was getting old and very “hit or miss” with the voltage it was delivering to our slaves nuts. And that is just not acceptable. We want to be able to deliver HIGH VOLTAGE to our slaves nuts at the push of a button- and know that it will cause RELIABLE, CONSISTENT PAIN for our slaves! (With MINIMAL effort on our part of course LOL.) So we got a new one the other day and decided to try it out on this young, annoying loser of a slave. (*True fact- its really a dawgg shock-collar that we just adjust to attach to our slaves nuts LOL! Oh, and we made sure we got one that is for BIG dawggs! Haha!) This slave needs a lot of training anyway on how to be QUIET. So this was the perfect “training aid” we think! This “ballshocker” goes up to 15! (The old one only went up to 10!) And its way bigger so we’re pretty sure this is more powerful. And judgin gby the slave’s SCREAMS, we are pretty sure we are right! Goddess Harley has to sit down HARD on the slave’s face to muffle its screams of agony actually. Poor slave. It is in heaven because Amazon Goddess Harley’s ass is right on its FACE- but yet it is in pure AGONY with all that high voltage electricity shocking its nuts! LOL! That just adds up to PURE ENTERTAINMENT for US! 🙂 You will want to buy this clip just to hear this 18yr old loser’s muffled screams of despair through Goddess Harley’s perfect amazon ass.poor little boy being abused by such a big, mean Glamazon lol. -FEATURING: GODDESS HARLEY



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