THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Cuck Pays For Date. Starring Princess Beverly

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Alternate video formats available by searching title. To get this clip for less money click here Foot Cuck Pays For Date (1080 HD) I’m watching TV and waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up from Mean Girl Manor. I was just hanging here all day and had a nice massage from several slaves. I love it here, using slaves for whatever I want. And my sister told me you can even use them to pay for your dates if you ever feel like “treating” your boyfriend to a night out. (Because obviously we don’t want to actually pay for it ourselves! LOL) So instead, you can just use some pathetic, begging foot-cuck to pay you just to let them lick the sweat off your feet. Seriously, how fucking pathetic is THAT??So that’s what I do. This stupid slave has been kneeling next to the couch at Mean Girl Manor just WAITING for someone to use it LOL. So I literally make it BEG for my feet- and it is like SO excited at the opportunity that it scurries off to fetch money to give to me- even though I am laughing in its FACE and TELLING it that I am going to use the $$$ to pay for bottle service for me n my boyfriend at a fancy club in LA. But his pathetic ass is so obsessed with my PERFECT feet that to no amount of humiliation or verbal abuse is going to stop it from begging to pay for my feet- SO hilarious! I love this “femdom” sh*tt since my sister introduced me to it!So I basically just make this loser lick the sweat off my feet after they have been in my heels all day while I text my boyfriend and we are basically laughing at the loser groveling at my feet via text. I make him hand over $1000 CASH and his credit card “just in case” so we have it to use and run up an even bigger tab if we want to LOL.At the end when my BF arrives, I make the foot-cuck slave change my shoes into some different ones that have some wicked SPIKES all along the back of the heels. Then I offer my gorgeous ass for the idiot to KISS and THANK me for taking all his money. Little does he know I have a plan to use these shoes and his abuse isn’t over yet! I want to add insult to injury before I walk out the door to spend the rest of the night with my boyfriend! (And I want to have a good story to tell him too when I hop in the car so we can have a good laugh on our way to dinner on the foot-cuck’s dime!)-Princess Beverly



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