Reality Girls Scissors – My Special Kind of Evil

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After losing $200 at video poker, Pandora bet her friend Vegas Rick double-or-nothing that she can beat him in arm wrestling, pick him up and kick his ass, and she texts us with the idea of filming it. We love Pandora. Though she still looks like she stepped off the college gym mat, Vegas Rick knows Pandora is an experienced wrestler and he might lose the portion of the bet grappling, but doesn’t think she can beat him at arm-wrestling nor pick him up. Pandora tells him they’re starting with arm-wrestling to be fair to him as an ass-beating would take too much out of him. They lock up, Pandora in a bikini and slam into the match. Rick is fighting hard but Pandora says “It’s funny how I won’t go down, huh?” her arm is a rock and it’s a close match. The gymnast is outweighed and you can see Rick straining against her arm until she impressively uses leverage and power to win. She then sizes him up to lift and lifts him a few inches off the ground using her powerful quads, estimating he’s 250 pounds. All Rick has left is the wrestling mat on which to beat Pandora. The cupid-faced girl drags him down in an arm lock and offers to let him go for $1,000. She locks him in her knees and locks out a headscissors. She gets him in a schoolgirl pin and squeezes, then pulls his head in a headscissors as her quads explode. She sits on him driving down the power on a front figure four/schoolgirl pin. A front headscissors controls him. “There’s that purple,” Pandora says as he is done in her headscissors. His jaw is being crushed in her gymnast legs and he’s almost out until Pandora pulls him back from the edge. She applies her feared reverse headscissors and squeezes her powerful glutes and hamstrings. She sits victoriously on her friend’s chest, then snaps on a figure four headscissors. She’s in total control and they both know it. Talk turns from how much he owes to his survival. Her vise grips compress his head. “Still can’t hear me,” she laughs. A straight headscissors. She says full power would be “an instant knockout,” as he writhes beneath her. “It’s very dangerous; I wouldn’t wanna be on the other side of it,” she says. Pandora likes to hurt Rick over long stretches and keep him awake, calling watching him suffer the “best part,” though she happily put Rob to sleep in an off-the-bed standing headscissors in Goddess Leia’s room. She wishes he could hear her taunts between her thighs at which he is desperately tugging. Pandora looms over him. Her back muscles flare and look impressive. Another figure-four buries his face in the mat. Pandora says she should feel bad, but just does not. She instead does pushups with his head swallowed in her thighs. An armbar. She wants $1,000, no $1,200 now to stop the pressure. He refuses to tap, but wants his arm and taps. “You’re really stubborn, cause I could hear things starting to pop,” she tells him, finishing him in a headscissors instead of snapping his elbow, which fares better than his wallet as he is embarrassed my his adorable and more-skilled friend. Time: 23:04


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Reality Girls Scissors - My Special Kind of Evil


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