Reality Girls Scissors – Headscissors by Scarlet Vice

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Reality Girls Scissors – Headscissors by Scarlet Vice




The great and powerful Scarlet Vice wears sheer workout shorts that show off her ass and quads exploding on Thin Man’s neck. Scarlet Vice has one of the more dangerous straight headscissors anywhere and proves it here as he is in bad shape after she dominated action with the hold. She leaps on his back and pulls him down with the power of a rear naked choke. Scarlet is sweet but he talks to her, for a second, as an equal and gets told by the free-minded, honest 18-year-old what she thinks of their equality. We sure love her. A throatscissors, Scarlet’s long soccer quads flex around his neck. Her 18-year-old legs don’t need much re-adjusting. She knows she has him — and then she has him in the Top 10 of the hottest holds we’ve ever seen applied — the reverse throatscissors, which she puts on this wimp here, so swallowing his neck that there is, thankfully, more of her glutes and legs than his pea-sized head getting swallowed by them. She just keeps pouring the hold back on, her ass and quads tightening around his throat like — as Mikaela would say — “anacondas”. She challenges him to just tap five times in three minutes; but it’s all he can do not to tap just from the steel adductor on his windpipe. She counts; but she could tap him out 100 times in three minutes. She’s enjoying her total control over everything he has: breath, life, dignity. She straight chokes him, pins him with her knee and the body weight behind it. She drops her infamous knee on his throat. Everything she does is to inflict great pain. She makes him pick a hold and gets irritated when he won’t. She picks it after he yammers on, being himself — it’s a rear naked choke in which she challenges him to “pry my arms off, try.” HOM with headscissors — the cruel superstar controls human beings so easily. Another knee to the back — a foot pressed on the back of the throat. A throatstand. Everything she does is addicting. She puts the weight of her knee on the back of his neck in a police takedown and her calf flexes. Another side head scissors. “Get out, I dare you,” she tells him. More and more headscissors make him scream and tap and scream and tap. Her legs never stop. She studies the injuries she’s caused, then straight chokes him before cruelly putting him in a reverse headscissors, burying his face in her ass made of muscle. She makes him take in tiny, panicked breaths. His neck ends up hurt in her reverse headscissors as her ass cinches hard enough it looks his veins will explode — and action has to stop. Scarlet Vice is a 100 percent badass with highlights of beauty and grace. Time: 20:10



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