Nessie the Bully Girl – Smothering Brother To Get What I Want

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This is the LOW RES version of this clip for easier downloading/phones. Click here for HD version. This clip includes: Smothering, Face Sitting, Big Butt, Brat Girl, Taboo, Thong Fetish, White Booty, Nessie Squeeze, Jason Ninja, No Nudity “I know how to get what I want, so when my brother tells me he can’t bring me to my 6am practice because he has to work…I present a very convincing argument: my BIG BUTT on his face. Haha. It’s funny, too, because I think he actually likes it, even though he begs me not to do it. And that’s why I come in wearing just my bra and THONG. I figure how can he say no to that? I start teasing him about how I know he likes it, being shoved between my butt cheeks. He denies it, but I know that he always says “no” to me at first just so I’ll sit on his face and smother him to get him to say yes. So I bounce my big butt on his face, laughing at him, and smothering him beneath my big butt and between my cheeks. He pretty much agreed to do it after just a couple of minutes…but I still want some fun, so I keep sitting on his face for a while, make him kiss my ass, and when I’m finally bored because I have better things to do, I make him pinky swear that he’ll take me, and then I tell him it’s time for my favorite part…putting him to sleep. Haha. He begs me not to, but I put him to sleep anyway. I’m such a brat, and I always get what I want…or I’ll sit on some faces until I do. My poor brother never has a chance.”To create your own customized clip, fill out the form at on the Customs Page for Pricing info.

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Keywords: Taboo, Smothering, Crushing, Thong, White Booty, Smother, Redhead, Pigtails, Curvy, female domination, Pigtails, Breath Play, Nessie Squeeze, Reverse Facesit, Facesitting

File Name : Nessie the Bully Girl – Smothering Brother To Get What I Want
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Nessie the Bully Girl - Smothering Brother To Get What I Want


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