Mistress Trish – Harsh Punishment

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Mistress_Trish - Harsh Punishment
Mistress_Trish - Harsh Punishment

Mistress Trish is angry. Her sweet slut did not clean when he was supposed to and he is about to suffer the consequences of his slacking. Trish has him securely tied to her spanking bench so that she can give him eleven insanely hard strokes with her especially mean leather strap. Not having felt this implement before the poor slut does not quite realize how much trouble he is in until the first wallop of stinging pain strikes his ass and resonates agonizingly through his entire body. The slut’s remorseful mood very quickly changes to one of repentant as Trish drives her point home with more brutal beatings with her strap. Similarly Trish’s mood begins to brighten as she inflicts her excruciating punishment on the slut. As he tries to wince, to no avail, away from the pain and screams in agony Trish makes him say, “sorry” and “thank you” after every blow. Nearing the end of the eleven harsh punishment strokes the slut’s ass is completely bruised and welted. It can always be worse though. He finds this out as Trish cruelly includes his balls as part of the target in one of her full force of her strap strikes. The slut seems to really get the message that he is not to displease Trish again as she laughs at his pain, his pleas of apologies, and his bruised ass and balls. Unluckily for him he still has a final, especially hard, stroke to go. Trish winds up her powerful arm and hits his ass as ruthlessly as she can. The slut screams in agony as Trish smiles with pleasure. She leans in to scratch and dig her fingernails into his welts as she warns him not to fuck up like that ever again.



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