Mistress Trish – Batwoman Beatdown

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Mistress_Trish - Batwoman Beatdown
Mistress_Trish - Batwoman Beatdown

Inspired by her Batwoman underoos Mistress Trish channels her inner Batwoman and goes Bat s**t nuts on slave m’s balls and body with kicks and punches. She quickly makes short work of his testicles, punting him in the balls with some especially mean toe shots with her leather boots. Even though the slave drops repeatedly from the force of Trish’s powerful kicks he is ordered to get back up to take increasingly severe testicle kicks. When the sadists is ready to mix in some strong body blows-punches and kicks-the poor slave’s nuts are pleasingly swollen from so much abuse. At this point Trish shows him a bit of mercy-well her sort of mercy at least-by using his chest and stomach as her heavy bag. She incessantly punches him using the power of her muscles combined with the weight of her sap gloves to beat him down. Then, for added amusement, Trish delivers some hard roundhouse kicks to his body, knocking him around with the force of her muscular legs. To keep the slave apprehensively on his toes Trish continues the beatdown by mixing up kicks and punches to his aching nuts with body blows. When he has gotten quite the working over and she quite the workout Trish finishes him off by kicking his ass-literally.



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