Mistress Tess Sm4life – A wild Russian will make you surrender. (full movie)

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Mistress Tess Sm4life – A wild Russian will make you surrender. (full movie)




Yes, you should be very scared. Me humiliating you will be the least of your troubles. I will keep you in My dungeon and hurt you all over your body in the worst places. I will break you and make you surrender to Me. To make you really surrender to Me you must learn to be humble. Not just the humiliation of being used as furniture, the humbler on your balls but also feeling Me break your balls to bits will put you in your place. Far below Me !! My full weight on your chest should already be enough to bring you into submission. The leather gloved hand over your mouth will really make you feel who is in charge of your life. Now, are you ready to surrender ? Suck on My heels, worship and lick My perfect black leather boots. Make sure you do it right or suffer the consequence ! I get really nasty if you upset Me while I enjoy My cigarette. I warned you and now you must pay. I will give you a caning so absurd hard, your ass will hurt for days to come. Stay where you are, do not crawl away from Me or I will make it even worse…… To finish him off I turn his world upside down. I take charge over everything and even his orgasm will be mine. After taking his orgasm I make sure it is fully ruined for him. Now he will fully surrender to Me and know his place in life.



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