Mistress Ezada Sinn – The torment of false hope

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – The torment of false hope




It is the last day of the 2015 Dommetrips event Pervs on the Playa. It has been so much fun, I am enjoying it a lot! Don’t know if My slave “sit” does though, seeing as he is locked in chastity for almost 250 days now. I’ve had him in online training for a year, but this is the first time he got a chance to really be near Me, to admire and worship Me in person, not through the lens of a camera. So this has been a very long week for him, being constantly aroused by the proximity to his Goddess, but even more so by My teasing (that I never missed a chance of), a very painful experience when locked in his custom made for a tight fit chastity device. Every time he hears My voice, every time he sees Me, especially since I’m almost always dressed in tight shiny latex (which feels good under the sun of Costa Rica), every time he even thinks of Me, realizing how lucky he is to serve Me in person, his cock feels the constriction of the chastity device. All his hopes for a release are focused on today, the last day; tomorrow he will go home and he doesn’t know when he will get to see Me again. And I’m sure his hoped got extremely high when I cuffed him to the cross and started teasing him, especially when I unlocked his chastity device and freed his suffering cock. All this teasing was so hard on My poor “sit”, that he has lost all control, his cock is hard, his balls are big and blue, and all he can think of now is a release. That’s all he hopes for, more and more every time I rub his cock, and even the disappointment that comes every time I take My hand off his cock and leave him in despair can’t overcome this great hope. The more I torment him, the closer I bring him to the edge of orgasm, the more overwhelming his hope and desire for a release become. But no, I will not give him a release. Tomorrow he will go home and continue counting the days since he’s been locked. Now it’s time for him to be locked back in his oh so wonderful chastity device…

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If you want to read more about sit’s experience as My slave in chastity, see his blog

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