Mistress Ezada Sinn – Electro pet training FULL clip

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My slave bought Me this beautiful black dress; I like it, so now I feel that I should show him My appreciation. I know he enjoys seeing Me in this dress, I can see his schlong getting harder every time he looks at Me. What a pathetic loser, he is aroused by just kneeling in front of a beautiful Woman. Anyway, I will allow him to worship My feet, but first I should present you this little device I am holding in My hand: actually this is the remote control, the device is strapped around My slave’s cock. It’s an electro training device that is usually placed around a pet’s neck, that I had My personal slave modify so that I can put it around My pets’ cocks. Concealed and much more efficient that around the neck, don’t you think? I can make it vibrate, a small pleasure for My pet; I can make it beep, letting the slave know he has to come to Me, and, the most fun, it can shock My slave’s cock, making him jolt like a frightened cat. Guess which function I use most often? :)So let’s see if My slave can worship My feet while I play with My toy… for some strange reason he’s not doing such a good job. And I’m disappointed that he lost his erection, is a little bit of electricity enough for him not to be aroused by Me any more? How can he insult Me like that? I want to see his cock big and hard, even though I increase the intensity of the electricity more and more. He has to prove Me that he desires and admires Me, even when the electricity in his cock makes him roll on the floor. It’s only a normal position for him, on the floor at My feet. But he has to be careful when he’s rolling on the floor, because if he dares to touch Me… he’ll get the strongest shock this device can deliver. And I will enjoy that! But honestly, I don’t know what I enjoy more: to see the slave rolling on the floor in pain, or to see the extreme fear in his eyes when he knows a shock is about to come…Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn - Electro pet training FULL clip


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