Mandy Flores – Jason Assassination

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The hit-woman has picked up her target and brought him back to her house. She locks the door and slaps him hard across the face. He falls onto his front and she stands astride him. He tries to escape but she easily holds him down, and sits astride his back, his arms trapped alongside his body between her legs. Both of her knees are on the ground (all straddling in film to be with both knees on the ground). She takes off her shoes (to be bare footed) pulls his head up by his hair and tells him she has been paid to k.ill him. He struggles beneath her but she tightens her grip. After a while she moves up his back and sits/kneels astride his neck. She squeezes his head between her thighs, still pulling his head up by his hair. Then she stands up and orders him to roll onto his back, which he does as he is terrified. She sits astride his chest, again trapping his arms alongside his body between her legs, her knees (as always) on the ground. She slaps his face, gently, then progressively harder. Then she strangles him. He panics and tries to escape but she easily keeps him pinned down. After a while she stands up, says he bores her and can go. Before he can escape she grabs him again and wrestles him to the floor. She straddles his waist and strangles him again. He fights to escape but she easily pins him down. Then she straddles his neck, squeezes his head between her thighs, then moves to sit heavily on his face, legs wide apart, suffocating him. After a minute or so she moves and straddles his waist and face slaps him. smothering, and choking him until she has completed her mission. Featuring Jason Ninja



File Name : Mandy Flores – Jason Assassination
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Mandy Flores - Jason Assassination


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