GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chastity in Chains (Full clip)

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Chastity in Chains (Full clip)




This is the full clip of “Chastity in Chains” filmed in 2015, I filmed a few clips with this slave, I own your Tongue, Fear induced Productivity, Nervous Latex maid in training to name a few and I will be releasing a version of all of these, re-edited by Myself as full length clips.

This clip follows on from “I own your tongue”, I am dressed in a full latex catsuit, with a latex buckled corset and one of My favourite pairs of Louboutin boots, soft ruffled leather

I keep this slave locked in chastity, chained to the bed, I love to Tease and Deny him, often leaving him locked up in chains as I go out for the night, usually returning with a “man” that I have chosen to fuck senseless for the evening, all the while My slave is locked up and forced to listen to the fun I am having. This clip is no different, I leave him, then return from My evening out and tease him mercilessly before retire to My own room to fuck the piece of meat that I have picked up whilst out.

He is spat on, and his cock is tortured using my thin crop, I unzip my latex catsuit and hover over his face making him cry and beg to lick My pussy and ass before lowering myself onto his face and taking his breath, I play with his caged cock as it bulges to get free from its cage, rubbing it up against My pussy and ass, so near and yet so far Ha Ha.I love so many aspects of BDSM and femdom but there is something I find so hot about chastity, tie and tease, and tease and denial, I guess it goes back to the amount of control I have over a patheic slave with a locked cock that is desperate to feast on My pussy and ass. What a loser.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

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