DomNation – WHIPPED FOR HER AMUSEMENT Starring Domina Nikki Next

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Domina Nikki shows her true sadistic nature in the video clip, as she whips the bejeezus out of her bound and helpless slave, relentlessly and mercilessly. Simply becaue she can, and because she finds it entertaining to see her slaves suffer. She is both stunning and cruel, as she whips his back, ass and legs again and again, indifferent to his tears, indifferent to his pleas for mercy. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, he is fully exposed, spread eagle and vulnerable to the bite of her favorite whip, a short kangaroo leather Quirt. It takes little effort to inflict great pain with this whip, as you can see by the extreme discomfort on her slaves face. Not an inch of his body escapes her fury and wrath.

Category: WHIPPING


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File Name : DomNation – WHIPPED FOR HER AMUSEMENT. Starring Domina Nikki Next
Video Length : 7min 2s
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Resolution : 1280×720

DomNation - WHIPPED FOR HER AMUSEMENT. Starring Domina Nikki Next


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