DomNation – AN INESCAPABALE WEB OF CANES AND PAIN Starring Goddess Tangent

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In this clip, Goddess Tangent is absolutely magnificent in full studded leather regalia, including bra, corset, bolero jacket, gloves and crotch high boots. Her insubordinate slave is bound tightly to her inescapable steel bondage web, shackled at the wrists and ankles to hold him firmly in place. He is well prepared, like a Christmas goose lol, for a much deserved evening of pleasure and pain. Pleasure for her, pain for him. Tangent”s lethal fiberglass cane tears at her victims flesh like a thousand, red hot razor blades. It of course bruises and cuts the skin upon impact, but even more deliciously, it sends a burning, searing pain radiating throughout every fiber in his body and lingers long after the cane strike . So before the pain even begins to dissipate, the next deadly blow of the cane is upon him, The pain is relentless, and grows exponentially. His punishment is intense, relentless and unforgiving, and deservedly so. It is intended to break him, show him emphatically who is owner. His desperate screams for mercy will fall on deaf ears tonight, as there is no mercy. There will be no reprise. There will be no forgivness. Only pain and pleasure. The pain brought upon him by Tangents merciless canes. And the pleasure of being in the presence of such an indomitable Goddess.



Keywords: Goddss Tangent, Domination, Bondage, BDSM, Leather, Humiliation, Caning, Corsets, Corporal Punishment, Boots, Slave Training, Gloves

File Name : DomNation – AN INESCAPABALE WEB OF CANES AND PAIN. Starring Goddess Tangent
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DomNation - AN INESCAPABALE WEB OF CANES AND PAIN. Starring Goddess Tangent


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