DomNation – AMAZON SMACK DOWN Starring Lady Towers

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Lady Towers easily stands head and shoulders above her weak, puny male counterparts. When she slips on a pair of stiletto boots, she is close to the 7′ mark. THAT is one powerful woman and she knows it. Dominating men comes naturally to a woman of her stature, especially since men literally throw themselves at her feet on a daily basis… in the supermarket, on the street, at her day job…begging for the opportunity to be her slave.

And when unruly slaves are foolish enough to disobey her, their punishment is a cruel and swift bitch slap to the face with her enormous hands. In seconds she has both slaves down on their knees licking and kissing her boots, as she dictates their every move. Lady Towers’ heavy handed slaps beat down her insects until they carry out her every order imposed upon them.

She truly enjoys humiliating both slaves as she makes them count each slap from 1 to 100 in unison for her own amusement. If one slave loses count, they both have to start again from the beginning. The overwhelming power of her slaps make it difficult for the slaves to even speak, but they must persevere or else suffer an even more demoralizing punishment at her hands.

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