Domina Planet Extreme Ass Licking – Ass For Dinner. Starring Mistress Ivy Jane, Mistress Mona Thea

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Ass For Dinner - Mistress Ivy Jane, Mistress Mona Thea 00001

Runtime: 00:12:41 Video Size: 4.44 GiB Resolution: 3840×2160


Mistress Ivy Jane is introducing Mistress Mona Thea to male pet training. They’re both dressed in mess body suits showcasing their perfect bodies; Mistress Ivy in black and Mistress Mona in red. Today, Mistress Ivy is trying to demonstrate how easy it is to dehumanize a male and get them to do things routinely that they would never normally do. They have their pet in a harness with a collar, bit, bondage mittens, a pink chastity, knee pads and leg cuffs, laying on the floor. They’re using the pet as a foot stool while seated above it on the white sofa. Mistress Ivy tells Mistress Mona:
“You have to discipline Your pet. I have some training tools that will help us to train it to do literally ANYTHING You want. I’ll start attaching the inflatable tail and then the electrodes for the ball shock collar”
Mistress Mona stands up and starts stepping on the body of the puppy, standing on its chest while Mistress Ivy inserts a tail plug up the mutt’s ass and starts to inflate it until the slave starts to groan in pain. Then She attaches electrodes and a battery-operated shocker to the black rubber casing covering its balls. She tells Mistress Mona to sit on its face:
“Ok puppy, you’re going to lick Mistress Mona’s dirty ass clean while We shock your little balls. If you don’t do a good job, then We’ll turn it up high enough to ‘fix’ you permanently”
Mistress Mona mounts the mutt’s face with Her perfect ass, hiking up Her red body suite and pulling aside Her red thong, She spreads Her ass cheeks wide to reveal Her cute little rosebud. She makes the mutt sniff it, while Mistress Ivy continues installing Her ‘toys”:
“Ok Mistress Mona, now I’ve got the electrodes attached and the pump on its plug ready to go. Tell the worthless mutt what You want it to do”
“Lick My dirty ass”
The mutt starts to tentatively lick Her exposed hole, but then Mistress Ivy presses one of the buttons on the shocker, making the pet scream in pain.
“She said lick that dirty ass puppy! You’d better do it with more enthusiasm than that!”
The mutt starts furiously licking Her rosebud, making Mistress Mona laugh and grind Her ass back into the pets face. She tells it to get its tongue farther up Her asshole, causing the pet to try even harder. But She’s not satisfied and tells Mistress Ivy to punish the disobedient mutt. She starts pumping up the tail plug some more, then puts the shocker on a higher level and pushes the button. The slave starts screaming so loudly, Mistress Mona sits back on its face to shut it up.
“Ooooh, that feels so GOOD when it screams into My asshole! It’s like a vibrator, plus it’s suffering is such a turn-on!”
Mistress Ivy laughs with glee and agrees, pushing the button down again as they both laugh at the flailing screaming slave, its tongue firmly embedded in Her asshole, but unable to hold back from screaming in pain. This just gets Mistress Mona more excited and She starts grinding Her spread-open asshole even harder into the slave’s tongue. Finally, Mistress Ivy says:
“Aww, poor puppy has had all that nasty ass juice, so now We will give it something to drink before it goes back inside Your asshole”
They get up and Mistress Ivy pulls out an open-mouth gag, then inserts it into the pets mouth after pinching its nipple painfully first.
“Don’t forget hydration for Your pet. This slave will be eating Your asshole for dinner, so our spit is a good chaser”
Mistress Ivy hawks a big long loogie of spit and drops it into the slave’s pried-open mouth. She spits again, and again, then has Mistress Mona do the same. She brushes Her hair back and unloads a huge, gooey, bubbly and stringy loogie into the slave’s mouth that takes a minute to finish going in. Finally done, they remove the gag and Mistress Mona sits right back down on its face with Her wonderful ass cheeks wide open.
“Get your fucking tongue in there puppy, you have more cleaning to do”
She sits on its face and rides it even harder while Mistress Ivy applies more and harder shocks for the last time, making the slave buck and scream into Her asshole, greatly enhancing the experience for Her and torment for the slave. Finally, they decide to go get a dinner of sushi:
“Let’s go Mistress Mona; We were already too nice in feeding the mutt its ass dinner before We even had ours. Ah, the life of a pet owner!”