Bratty Foot Girls – Facesitting Secret Agent Assasins. Starring JC Simpson, Dakota Charms and Billy Blast

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This was a custom script: “My girls are all beautiful, sensual and powerfully sexual. After they’ve gained his trust, they suggest a threesome. It’s perfect because the macho assholes think of themselves as irresistible to women and for the meeker ones it’s like a dream come true. And they can’t imagine my girls could pose any kind of threat. Usually, they don’t know what’s happening until it’s too late. But just in case, all of my mistresses receive training at what I like to call my Smother University. They learn the most effective seduction and smothering techniques. The physical training makes them surprisingly strong so in cases where seduction fails they can immobilize the target say by cutting off the circulation in his arms until they become numb and useless.” It starts simply. A little game of tease and seduction, if you will. My ladies wear panties treated with a special blend of drugs that I developed. The first is a mild anesthetic. It’s odorless and quite fast acting. There’s just enough of a dose that the target remains conscious but unable to physically overpower the girls. Once he’s safely weakened, the second mistress takes over. The drug on her panties induces a mild euphoria. It’s scented with perfume – his favorite if we know it. The fool actually begins to enjoy what’s happening to him. Plus it makes him, let’s say, more cooperative. Of course, he also gets weaker and weaker from the lack of oxygen so by this point the girls can do whatever they want with him. They’re encouraged to move him around and try different positions so they’re continually perfecting their smothering technique.” Alone in a room, two mistresses are working their seductive charms on Agent Powell. He is very relaxed. They are subtly manipulating him so they can begin smothering him. As one has pinned his arms with her legs and he feels his arm turning slightly numb a tiny alarm goes off in his head and he might say, “Be careful.” And one of the mistresses might respond “Oh, sorry. Is something wrong?” As he tries to answer the other mistress could say, “What could we do to hurt you. We’re only girls, after all.” as she approaches from behind and the smothering begins. (One way they could manipulate him is to get him on the floor & suggest they play a game of peeping up their dress with suggestions of “Do you like what you see? Would you like a closer look?” Then with his arms pinned by one, the smothering by the other begins.) At first, Agent Powell struggles but these mistresses are strong, professional, well-trained and have clearly done this before.

Starring: JC Simpson, Dakota Charms, Billy Blast *FACE SITTING* *ASS SMOTHERING* *NUDITY* *FEMDOM*



Keywords: JC Simpson, Dakota Charms, Billy Blast, ass, butt, secret agents, executrix

File Name : Bratty Foot Girls – Facesitting Secret Agent Assasins
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Bratty Foot Girls - Facesitting Secret Agent Assasins


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