Brat Princess 2 – Daniela – Makes Fun of Slave While resting Feet on Back

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720 HD: A slave has to always remember that it is just a slave. It doesn’t have the right to any independent feelings or thoughts in its head. It’s to be only and exactly what its Princess wants it to be. It never gets to touch Princess. It never gets to do what it wants or even have wants. A slave is just there to be used. For example, slaves are furniture. Slaves are not men with opinions and voices. Slaves are brainless, mindless objects. A slave must always remember that he will never be a person to its Princess. It can adore its Princess in its own way, but it will never be allowed to love her like a real person could. Daniela’s slave has made a transgression. It has fallen in love with her and stupidly admitted it. Daniela rests her feet on the slave’s back while determining its punishment. She verbally humiliates the slave, reminding it that it is just an inhuman object to her. She sits for a long time with her feet on the slave’s back, reading her magazine. She wants it to be very still and remember that it is nothing. Ultimately, Daniela decides to dismiss the slave. The worst punishment for a slave who has fallen in love with its Princess is to be left in a world without her. So that is what Daniela will do. Tonight she’ll have her friends over, and whichever wants him is free to take him away for her use. (16:03 long)

Clip contains: Daniela, Femdom POV, MILF, human furniture, foot fetish

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