Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Danni Worships Feet in Chastity

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720 HD: Cherry uses the mouth of beta-male, danni, to clean her toes. She feels comfortable doing this because danni lives in chastity. Danni has very low self-esteem. Cherry makes danni bob his head on her big toe. Danni honestly enjoys spending time with Cherry. He thinks she is very pretty. He smells her feet when she tells him to. Cherry asks danni if he is grossed out by her feet. Danni nods no. Cherry notices that danni is not smiling. Learn how to smile, Cherry says. Cherry tries to teach sad-faced little danni how to smile. Danni doesnt know how to act happy, he only knows how to act scarred. Danni is afraid of everything, even Cherrys foot. Cherry laughs. She thinks dannis fear is funny. Cherry fishhooks dannis mouth open with her big toes. Then, she holds his face while thrusting into it deeply. Cherry makes danni put his tongue in-between each of her toes. She treads on his face while he holds his tongue out for her to use. (8:39 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity


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File Name : Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Danni Worships Feet in Chastity
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