Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Humiliates and Dominates her Old Slave

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1080 HD: A new slave candidate has arrived at the Brat Princess household. He doesn’t speak English very well. He’s fat and old and his tribute is skimpy. Amadahy evaluates the old man for slave potential. So far, he isn’t looking great. Maybe Amadahy can uncover some hidden value in the geriatric foreigner. She tells the old man to strip. The old man removes his clothing. She wants to see if the fool will be able to make her laugh. It’s fat, wrinkled body is certainly good for a chuckle. But that isn’t enough to convince Amadahy to keep the old slave. The slave removes its underwear and reveals that it has an extremely tiny micro penis. This is a very good thing. Fat slaves with tiny penises make the best money slaves. And money slaves are the kind of slaves Amadahy likes best. Amadahy allows the slave to live in the Brat Princess household. Everything he has ever owned will be taken from him: his savings, his clothing, his name. He will be penniless and title less; kept as an object by beautiful Women for their entertainment. Amadahy tests the slave’s fetishes. She wants to see how she can control and exploit him best. First, Amadahy has the old man worship her boots. Next, she has the old man remove her boots to test for a foot fetish. It’s obvious the old man adores Amadahy and will do anything she tells him to. Perfect! Amadahy tramples the frail old man with her full weight. He takes the trampling to the best of his ability. As a reward, Amadahy feeds the old fatty. She chews up a banana and spits it into the old man’s mouth. She spits more chewed up banana onto her feet and has the old man clean it off. She crushes some banana with her toes and has the old man eat that, too. He eats it all up because the banana is his only feed for the day. Amadahy has the old man on a starvation diet to reduce its size and increase its desperation. The slave will eventually be trained to live off only the pee and of the household Princesses. Amadahy attaches the pee funnel to the slave’s mouth. She begins the training for its full toilet conversion. (29:45 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Financial Domination, Boot Worship, Foot Worship, Trampling, food, food & object crush, virgin humiliation, toilet slavery



Keywords: Trample, virgin humiliation, brat girls

File Name : Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Humiliates and Dominates her Old Slave
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