Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Kendall – Destroy Their Human Thigh Master

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Kendall – Destroy Their Human Thigh Master




Amadahy shows Kendall the piece of brand-new workout equipment that has just arrived at the house. The girls plan to break him in together and make him their human Thigh Master. Amadahy starts scissoring the thigh masters neck. He makes a lot of noise and squirms like hes trying to get away. Kendall makes the comment that Amadahy looks great when she exercises. The thigh masters lips turn blue. Amadahy imagines that his head will pop like a cherry tomato. Its such a funny image. Working out together is so much fun! Kendall sits on the slaves face while his neck is scissored between Amadahys thighs. Hes making too much noise for gym equipment. This butt is from scissoring, Amadahy tells Kendall. Scissoring at least once a day will make your butt perky and your thighs strong. Kendall takes her turn on the gym equipment. The girls start a little friendly competition to see how loud they can make the equipment scream. Were not done with you. I cant feel the burn in my thighs yet! Amadahy tells it. The girls destroy their human thigh master while discussing their plans to get a manicure. They double-scissor until he goes limp. This clip includes a bonus teaser of Amadahy and Alexis in, The Double-Scissor. (7:27 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Kendall, Femdom, double scissor, facesit, Princesses workout by scissoring slave


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