Beaten For Fun And Profit. Starring Princess Beverly

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To get this clip for less money click here Beaten For Fun And Profit (1080 HD) I open this clip by taklng directly into camera about the strage circumstances of this beating. The person who ordered this custom video payed me more based on how badly I beat the slave. I explain how this slave mean nothing to me and it’s just a “thing’ for me to beat on for $$$! (and slaves get NOTHING! HAHA!) I take the slave out from cage in back yard. (But first I taunt it about how badly its going to be beaten and how it is all going to be for my profit. I gag the slave while taunting it some more and make it promise to take EVERYTHING to please me!! There will be no stupid “safe words” and no quitting!! I get to beat it as much as I wants so I make as much $$$ as possible. I am litterally laughing about how “fun” this is going to be! (for ME!) I take this slave way beyond his limits and he actually cries, haha! But hey, I want more money and I make him take repeaded beatings from various whips. Princess Beverly



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File Name : THE MEAN GIRLS – Beaten For Fun And Profit. Starring Princess Beverly
Video Length : 00:18:08
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Resolution : 1920×1080


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