AstroDomina (2022) pov fendom – SHRUNK BY YOUR BULLY

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Runtime: 0:14:35 Video Size: 1.24 GB Resolution: 1920×1080


1920 x1080p HD — Hello old classmate! I think it’s time to catch up and have a little fun. Sydney, your old classmate from school, reached out to reach you. She bullied you constantly back then, and she sent you a random email asking if it was okay if you came over. Now you are standing in front her. She tells you about the days she tortured you. But instead of apologizing, she laughs in your face as she recounts all those times. What is going on? She thought there was a possibility that you would grow up to be a strong, big man. But she can see right away that your are still the same pathetic, puny wimp from back then. She hands you a document and asks you to sign. What is it? It’s a contract of servitude. You’re now going to be completely owned by your old bully from school! It’s outrageous, but you find yourself compelled to follow her orders. You feel small in comparison to her, despite her always talking down to your.. even you are surprised as you sign. She knew that you were a loser, just as you have always been. What does it feel like to be owned by her? Does it feel like you are getting smaller? You may be surprised to find that you feel smaller.. but wait, you are getting smaller. She has the power to shrink you. As she humiliates and towers over you, you get smaller. There’s nothing else you can do. You’re at her mercy. She doesn’t understand the meaning of this word.