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Get this 20 + Minutes of Savagely brutal video TODAY! This is the Combined footage of Empress Kim Lee`s earliest and Most Brutal beatings! You will not miss a second, nor single, cruel lash as The empress destroys her slave! Over 20 minutes of flesh destroying onslaught! With the full footage of; INTENSE WHIPPING BORE A LEGACY OF PAIN AND OBEDIENCE, THE RAGING BULLWHIPS OF A ROYAL EMPRESS and MY SAVAGE WHIPS OF FURY. Don’t miss out on this collector’s edition content! Get it today at the bargain price of only $12.99

People underestimate me, because I’m petite and cute. Listen: If you fall into my savage clutches, you succumb to my wrath, mark my words. I swing the bullwhip with all my might, throwing every bit of my inner ferocity into each blow. I’m out to break bones. This husky masochist thought he was in for an easy night. Ha!

I start ripping the skin off his back with my favorite snake, and his howls quickly fill the room. I know how to tease a guy too, stepping around in front to let him ogle my curvy little body. And I’m good at using my seductive voice like a weapon, pausing to purr into his ear or sizing up the blistered wounds across his back, then telling him, “Oh, that looks good.” Of course, I go right back to slicing and dicing his flesh. What’s a good session, if I can’t get a good laugh out of it.

I stride to my bound slave and use all the momentum within me to let fly a single crushing whiplash. That’s to let the boy know I’m the boss. Then I settle down to a series of , rapid slashes, raising cries from the twisting victim with each whip. I adore that sound. I step to one side to whip backhanded, then to the other to be sure I redden his whole back.

When he breaks down sobbing, I walk around and get right into his face. “Poor boy,” I chide, then go behind to resume the whipping with renewed vigor. I love hurting men; it gives me such a thrill. This time the slashes bring horse, horrible sounds from deep within the throat. Again I pause, striding around to pet his face and ask if he’s had enough. No matter what he says, of course, I go right back to battering him blooody.

I fervently remind him of his position, letting my whip do the talking for me. He is nothing more than property to be lashed and beaten as I see fit, if he does not believe this now in a few short moments he will.

I only enjoy looking at my slave when he is marked up so I freshen them up what a harsh torrent of steady whipping. When I hear the sound of my whip crack immediately followed by the screams and cries of my slave its like music to my ears, better than any classic symphony. I stop only to examine his broken body looking for areas of untouched flesh to focus on for my next series of strikes. I’m only really satisfied when he breaks down into tears and cries uncontrollably. Then I unleash my best work a final sequence of my most vicious whipping to utterly demolish his body and soul. Does he question the status of my ownership now? You be the judge.

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