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Today we are releasing a re-edited version of Demon Rising with additional whipping footage. This is a more straight ahead version that fans of Asian Cruelty are used to seeing and a great companion piece to the hugely popular and more stylistic “DEMON RISING”. Enjoy!

A Mortal man who is foolish enough to defile my realm must pay for his lustful desires. The legends are true. I am the She Demon Goddess, so beautiful, so desirable, so intoxicating, so all consuming, that men will literally risk their eternal souls for one gaze upon me. And that is all it takes, for like the great Medusa, that one momentary gaze into my demon eyes is the last thing he shall remember. With a mere wave of my gloved hand, I bring a curse upon this fool which can not be undone, transforming him into one of my countless skulled minions, a puppet to my whims, for all of eternity.

The thunderous crack of my whip sends a chill down his spine, which in due time, I will bend to my will. With each agonizing strike, he falls deeper under my spell. My whip sears his flesh as the judgments of hellfire. His screams carry no weight here, as they are out by the bewailings of the untold number of souls that fell before him. He now shall suffer the pains and agony of a lost soul who surrendered his entire being for one momentary glance at my horrific beauty and perfection. Like the moth to the flame, he could not help himself. And this was his downfall. As it is with every man, is it not?

Welcome to slavery…let the pain and suffering begin…

With Whiplash Dreams,
Empress Kim Lee

This clip was purchased by a big fan with a very strong and specific interest in horror/fantasy genre. His request was simple enough – specifically he wanted Mistress Kim Lee, wearing lots of leather in the form of boots, gloves, corest… and a scary horror mask, while putting a severe whipping on a helplessly bound and hooded slave.
Anyone interested in having us create a custom clip to your liking, please write us at [email protected]

Features: whipping, corporal punishment, fantasies ,monsters ,Asian, BDSM, female domination, humiliation, bondage

Keywords: kim lee, bdsm, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, cuffs, boots, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, corporal punishment

Runtime: 00:07:47
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