Asian Cruelty – ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WHIPPING. Starring Goddess Lana

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Asian Cruelty – ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER WHIPPING. Starring Goddess Lana



Today, my slave will receive another intense, hard core whipping. Same as yesterday, the day before, and the day before that. This is a daily ritual I impose upon my minions. They must suffer at my hand, to truly appreciate the privilege they have been allowed. That being to serve, worship and obey a true Superior Asian Goddess.

I need no reason to whip this boy. I need no contrived circumstances. I merely do so because it is whats best for both the slave and myself. I am a true sadist at heart, and seeing my slaves crumble beneath the sting of my whip is both gratifying and arousing. To see them accept my pain, to surrender to it for my pleasure is what I live for. For my slaves, a ritual of daily beatings serve to keep them in their proper place and mindset.

Today, after tenderizing my slave with a heavy cat of nie tails, I break out a vicious 4 foot single tail whip. This whip will slash my slaves flesh with ease. Strike after excruciating strike, I whip him relentlessly. I have no remorse or sympathy for his anguish. Quite the contrary, I savor it. I leave his back a canvas of cuts, welts and bruises. A tribute to my power over him.

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Keywords: bdsm, whipping, domination, female superiority, fetish, femdom, whipping, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess lana violet, submissive slave training, asian goddess

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