[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – It Doesn’t Have To Be Your Cock That You’re Stroking [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]

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[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – It Doesn’t Have To Be Your Cock That You’re Stroking [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]




Goddess Mina Thorne

There are some truths you need to realize about yourself that you’ve been in denial about for way too long. And I can see right through you. I think I know you better than you know yourself. I know what you need and I’m going to give you that final push that I know you need. I know you have fantasies that you’re not ready to admit, but today you are going to admit them and I’m going to transition you into the next stage of you sexual evolution.

Get naked, I want you exposed and vulnerable, when you’re like this it’s like I can read your thoughts. Your cock is starting to get so hard, I know that I turn you on, so start stroking it. I don’t want you to think, just stroke and stare at my body as you start to slip into that gooning space. Jerk yourself into a stupid little frenzy. This is what you live for.

You know that I am unattainable to a loser like you. There’s nothing desirable about you to women. That’s why you spend so much time jerking off. You know you’re a loser. You’ve learned to embrace it and sexualize it. It’s amazing how you can sexualize things that weren’t a turn on before. Being called a loser didn’t used to turn you on, but now look at you. And there are other things I can sexualize too. Do you feel your cock pulsating in your hand? You love how your cock feels in your hand. You can’t think, you’re lost in this little jerk trance. Touching that dick brings you so much pleasure. You’re so horny right now.

You’re so turned on by stroking your own cock. I’m just here guiding you. You love jerking dick. You also get off on being humiliated by me. The fact that I can mold your sexuality turns you on. You wanna be a good boy for me, don’t you? I know how much you love stroking your cock, but do you know what? It doesn’t have to be your cock. That’s right, you’re a little cock stroker. You enjoy stroking cock so much that you never realized that it doesn’t need to be your own cock that you’re stroking. You love the feel of it as it slides through your hands. You would enjoy jerking another man’s cock, feeling it throb in your hand. Feeling it grow with every single stroke.

This is what you haven’t realized, is that you’re not straight. Straight men wouldn’t get so turned on by cock. You need to accept that you’re a little bit gay, and that’s ok. You don’t have to be scared. It’s ok to be turned on by giving another man pleasure. Look how hard your cock is. You’re not straight. You want to stroke another man’s cock. Don’t think, just keep stroking. It almost feels like it’s another man’s cock as you jerk it faster and faster. There have been clues all along that you’ve chosen to ignore. Whenever you watch porn, you can’t help but notice the size of the man’s cock. You love it when they have big, massive cocks. Do you know why? Because you’re a little hidden cock whore. You wouldn’t be turned on stroking a little dick, you want the size in your hand.

Can you imagine jerking off men’s massive cocks for me? I want you to be a source of pleasure to other men. Jerk faster. You’re going to love to feeling of a large cock of another man in your hand. It won’t take long before that cock is in your mouth. You want to feel it pulsate in your mouth. You want to make him cock, you want to feel his cum filling your mouth. You want him to get off on using you. You want him to use your mouth as the little cum dumpster it was meant to be. You’re not straight, you want a nice big cock in your mouth. And you’re going to cum to this thought my little cock whore. Because that’s what truly turns you on. Now cum in the palm of your hand and slurp it up because you want to drink another man’s cum. This is what you’ve needed. Accept the fact that you’ve had gay fantasies all along and now you’re ready to accept them.

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