[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – Bratty Forced Bi Mind Fuckery [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]

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[Femdom POV] Humiliation POV – Bratty Forced Bi Mind Fuckery [FEMDOM, GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, JOI, FLEXIBILITY]




Princess Candy Glitter

Hey there you cock loving faggot! Awww was it a surprise to be called out so quickly. I know your little fucking secret. I know what you’ve been jerking to. I know what turns you on. You can delete your history in your browser and try to hide it all you want, but you like to jerk to big throbbing cocks. It’s making you hard just talking about it, isn’t it? I know right how to get inside the brain of yours. Just hearing me say the word, Cock, is giving you an erection.

Go on and stroke thinking about big, fat, juicy cocks. I also know you’re staring my perfect tits and I know why. You try to use them as a distraction to keep your mind off of your true fantasy, a big fat cock. But you think that by staring at a hot girl and her nice tits, that maybe you’re still straight. But you can’t hide the fact that you have the urge to take a big, fat, juicy, veiny, throbbing cock in your mouth and in your ass. Stroke your faggot cock and just think about what it would be like to have another man’s cock in your mouth.

You watch so much porn, you love watching bratty girls like me humiliate you, but really you’re just trying to distract yourself, trying to keep that secret buried deep down inside of you. But you need to let it out, stop pushing it down. You want it, you want a cock, you want to taste another man’s cum. You’re a faggot. You’re gay. Repeat after me, ‘I’m a gay faggot who loves cock.’ Say it. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll have the most satisfying orgasm of your life. Your gay fantasies could bring you so much pleasure if you would just give in to them. Stop pretending to be straight. I know you want this.

I know you watch gay porn in order to cum. And then you feel bad afterwards. But you don’t need to feel bad, your faggot cock turns you on, just accept it. You aren’t a straight man. I mean sure you like my tits and body, who wouldn’t, and you would do anything I say, but you are also cock hungry. You want to be bent over and fucked like a good little faggot, right? You’re getting so fucking hard thinking about this.

The reason I know that you’re a gay faggot, is that you’re stroking faster and faster hearing me talk about Cock. It’s bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. You need to give in to your cock craving. Why are you trying to hide it? It makes you cum so hard, thinking about big hard cocks. Just give in, you’re a cock hungry fag. Say, ‘I am a cock hungry fag.’ Feels good to say it out loud, to admit it to yourself. You’re a fucking faggot, you’re a cock hungry bitch. You’re lying to yourself, but I know what you truly want.

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